NRA 2023

Award Categories

Best Musical Programme

Radio Executive of the Year

Best Indigenous Programme of the Year – Male

Best Indigenous Programme of the Year – Female

Artiste of the Year (Male)

Artiste of the Year (Female)

Best Documentary Programme

Best Live-Call-In Programme

Best Lunch-Time Programme

Best Morning Programme

Best Night-Time Programme

Best News Presenter – Male

Best News Presenter – Female

Most Played Male Song

Most Played Female Song

Most Played Indigenous Song

Most Played Religious Song

Most Entertaining Radio Station

Most Informative Radio Station

Most Educative Radio Station

Radio Listener of the Year

Best “ON-AIR” Personality – Male

Best “ON-AIR” Personality – Female

Best Radio Commercial

Radio Station of the Year

Radio Veteran (of the year) Award

Best Live-Call-In Listeners

Radio Drama of the Year

Best Sports Programme

Best Sports Presenter

Best Business News Reporter

Best Host State Station

Best Radio DJ of the Year

Best Online Radio Station of the Year

NRA 2023

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