Embark on seamless journeys with Avrum Travel Logistics and Hospitality Limited, your trusted partner in comprehensive travel and logistics services.

About Us:

Avrum Travel Logistics and Hospitality Limited stands at the forefront of the travel industry, dedicated to providing a one-stop solution for all your travel and logistics needs. From ticket bookings to personalized travel packages, we redefine the travel experience.

Our Services:

Ticket Booking: Experience convenience with our hassle-free ticket booking services for domestic and international travel.

Visa Processing: Navigate the complexities of visa procedures effortlessly with our expert assistance.

Hotel Reservation: Find comfort wherever you go with our curated selection of hotels, ensuring a perfect stay.

Travel Packages: Immerse yourself in curated travel experiences with our thoughtfully designed packages.

Airport Shuttle: Enjoy seamless transfers between airports and destinations with our reliable shuttle services.

Car Hire: Explore your destination at your own pace with our diverse range of car hire options.

Flight Charter: Elevate your travel experience with personalized flight charter services tailored to your needs.

Delivery Services: Trust our efficient delivery services for timely and secure transportation of goods.


At Avrum Travel Logistics and Hospitality Limited, our mission is to simplify and enhance the travel experience for our clients. We aim to be the preferred choice for those seeking reliability, efficiency, and personalized service in every aspect of their journey.

Avrum Travel Logistics are the official travel agency for Nigerian Radio Awards.

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